• FabWash Smarter Post-proces...

    FabWash is the first fully automated, multi-stage part release, washing and drying system designed to provide the ease of use, consistency, speed, and cleanliness demanded by the modern dental 3D printing.     A CONSISTENT,...

  • Film-Changing Kit (for Accu...

    High transmittance and heat resistance film provides better life-time. The pre-assembly kit saves your time for changing the film. For use with AccuFab-L4D, AccuFab-L4K.


    Dental model DM03 is the ideal choice for printing implant models and separated models for C&B applications. This material has features including high toughness, high pressure resistance, etc. This allows the best experience when using...


    OD02 has been developed for fast and easy printing of dental models predestined, but not limited to vacuum molding for orthodontic aligners. The resin comes in a 1 kg container and is available in the...

  • Resin Tank (for AccuFab-D1s)

    The Resin Tank is designed for printing with high volume production environment, it offers a longer lifetime. It comes with a reusable lid, make it easy to stack and store resin. For use with AccuFab-D1s

  • Resin Tank (for AccuFab-L4D...

    The Resin Tank is durable and solid, the metal frame provides strength and longer life-time. It comes with a reusable lid, make it easy to stack and store resin. For use with AccuFab-L4D, AccuFab-L4K.


    Print your custom tools for a safe and stable surgery with SG01 Surgical Guide Resin. The high performance formulation of this resin elevates the production of surgical guides, drilling templates and many further helpful tools...

  • TRAY (TR01)

    The new TR01 resin is is a biocompatible material suitable for printing customized impression tray, denture baseplate and other functional trays. It features negligible odour and taste, and its high elastic modulus property guarantees the...

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